Day 14. This City’s Crazy

26 Nov

Thankfully the flight home is smooth.  Everyone sleeps last night off but when we get off the plane morale is up and everbody’s excited to be playing tonight at the Gaelic club, particularly Tongue who’s launching his album.  For Melbournites, Class A and Rachel they’re also pumped to play, it’s their biggest show in sydney and the official launch of their album too.


Needless to say it’s another great gig.  The venue doesn’t sell out but the crowd is really enthusiastic about each of the performers.  Tonight’s show is special too – the Spit Syndicate guys get their good friend and rapper Nick, AKA Solo from Horrorshow up on stage to perform a few songs.  Spit Syndicate also got up during the Tongues set to do a few numbers together.

It’s a bit surreal but it’s the end of the tour.  Although it sounds cliche, it’s been a very bumpy rollercoaster ride with many twists and turns.  At times morale was painfully low, other times it was gloriously high and some, were just down right hilarious. (see directions game).  All in all it’s been a musical journey and I’ve learned a lot about Australian hip hop and the touring process.  I’ll know start the editing process for the audio feature to air in March 2011.  I have over 25 hours of audio to go through so I’ll see you in a couple of months…


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