Day 13. No way to Escape

25 Nov

Ring ring… ring ring…

Me – Hello?

Class A – The flight’s been cancelled!

This is what I woke up to.  It was the beginning of the longest and most stressful day on the tour.  All the boys were on an early flight out of Hobart however Class A, Rachel and myself were scheduled for a later flight.  Our flight got cancelled.  Now this isn’t a big deal right, just hop on the next one? …


By the time Class A had rung me and I’d checked over the original text message that Virgin had sent any spare seats (which would only have been a few anyway) were gone.  There was now no way of getting to Brisbane from Hobart – every airline every seat, sold.  We were trapped on an island with the best show of the tour only hours away.  There was only one way, but it’d be costly and risky.  We would have to drive to Launceston, a couple of hours north on the other side of the island!  We hire a car and transfer the flights.  Hit the road and.. we’re lost.. oh, and we’re running against the clock now because even if we did get in the right direction and don’t stop… we’re going to miss the check in by 5 minutes.


In an early Christmas miracle we make it, if only by the skin of our teeth.


In Brisbane we find out the guys didn’t have such a smooth ride at all – when they arrived their bags were nowhere to be seen.  No bags, no gear, no show.  Thankfully the airline found and then delivered the baggage to the venue, oh dear, so much emotion!

Everyone’s just so happy to be their and all the pain is about to be worth it, Brisbane has turned out tonight for this gig.  The gig goes off, everyone performs well and it really did get wild.  At one point some people got up on the stage, took their shoes off, poured their beers in their shoe and skulled it.

Jimmy Nice signing some merch

Jimmy Nice signing some merch

After the show we went a couple of minutes up the road to well known arts hub in Brisbane called ‘The Fort’.  I’m told it’s an old furniture company that’s now used for young people to get creative, hold band nights, exhibitions etc.  Tonight there’s a bunch of people sitting on fold-up chairs drinking beers while about 5 – 6 guys are spray painting the walls.  For me I could see this a perfect example of combining the elements of hip hop (see DJ Maths explanation).  The owner came over to start a freestyle with our crew but unfortunately we had to head home.  Tomorrow is the final day of this crazy tour.  But there’s a long way to go – a lot can happen in one day.



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