Day 12. From the Mainland eh?

24 Nov

The final leg of the tour has kicked off and the first stop is the apple isle – Tasmania.


We arrive late in the afternoon – the latest we’ve flown into a city.  In Sydney is was a hot and humid 35 degrees but here in Hobart the weather is typical – overcast, blustery and rain pouring down.  No time to check into a hotel, it’s straight to the venue – The Alley Cat.  It’s a reasonablely sized pub but the stage and audience area are quite small.  An old piano sat in one corner and strange cat related paraphernalia littered the walls, some looked good but a lot of it looked like a year 9 art projects.

Things just weren’t looking up at this point.  Besides the limited space it there was no sign of a sound guy, the bar didn’t really understand what a rider was and there was another stuff up with the accommodation.  Myself Class A and Rachel were luckily OK because there was a cheap backpackers next door.

Everything eventually gets sorted out but again, all these little things tend to add up and bring the overall mood down a notch.  To make matters worse during the week Dixie had decided to quit smoking so he was in a “grumpelstilskin” mood.


The shows kick off and for a rainy night in hobart it’s actually a reasonable turn out.  Just before the show I met this local who reckons he’s known bands to cancel when it rains cause people just don’t come out…


During the gig there was a visit from the cops regarding noise complaints, apparently it happens all the time because of the close residentials.   After the show I caught up with Class A to see how it went.


After it all though there’s always time to have a chat and fool around with the punters and who else but Dixie gets into a running race with one of the fans for $5.60…


We stumble out back to our respective accommodation and get some sleep – we’ll need it, just going off early presales in Brisbane it looks as though it’ll be the highlight of the tour.


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