Day 11. WildSLIDE tour

21 Nov

Our flight home to Sydney wasn’t until 4.50pm so we had quite a bit of time to kill.  After dropping the girls off to do some recording we went on a bit of a trip to a bakery the guys had told me lots about.  Thery weren’t wrong, it was awesome.

And then, from a distance we saw blue cylindrical pipes coming out of the sky.  It was a mini theme park, and those pipes were unmistakably a water slide.  Tonguey, Nick and Jimmy could not help themselves and bought a one pass to the amazing park.  It was a hot day in Adelaide and we were right on the beach.  Dixie and I chilled and watched from the side whilst Scoob when for a long walk by the beach.

The hour passed fast (as themepark hours always do) and we got in the car to head back to Adelaide airport.  Most people slept on the flight home and by the time we arrived back to Sydney everybody was pretty broke and pretty ready to get home.  Tomorrow they’ve got an interview on the triple j hip hop show and then it’s only 2 days before they have to jump on a plane and do it all again.  Watch out Hobart, Brisbane and then finally, the home-coming party – Sydney.

Tongue on a slide

Tongue on a slide


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