Day 10. The Directions Game (Adelaide)

20 Nov

Tonguey let me crash on the spare bed in his room that night and the following morning it was a rush to find all the band members who were now scattered around the city.  I jumped in a taxi and then caught the Skybus to the airport, I was on a separate  flight to our next destination, the city of churches: Adelaide.



Spit Syndicate and Joyride

Spit Syndicate and Joyride

Although we don’t stay in cities very long, touring is obviously a great way to see a lot of the country, in a very short amount of time.  I noticed Adelaide is a very quiet city and once we checked in I asked the guys about getting bored on tour.  Their answer surprised me, “we’ve got i-phones to keep us entertained.”   I’ve heard that sentiment a lot on the tour; what did artists do before the i-phone.  Later that night I was even more shocked when we talked about the i-phone on tour and table manners, check this out…

The Rocket Bar in Adelaide was completely different again to the previous nights venue, more of a multi-level bar with swanky furnishings and night club feel with a long narrow staircase that lead you up to the venue.  The sound guydidn’t look like much of a hip hop lover and he wanted to leave early because his own band was playing a house party somewhere.  We negotiated we could finish half an hour early at 12.30, we would not end up finishing till 1am though.

Rocket Bar, Adelaide

Rocket Bar, Adelaide

At several shows throughout the tour there is a local support band that plays before Class A, tonight it was a group called ‘Dropped at Birth’.  They had been helping out with the promotion and were totally stoked to be playing alongside The Wildside crew.  I caught up with them and found out the pretty hilarious way they scored the gig…

Dropped at Birth

Dropped at Birth

They call Adelaide the home of hip hop and tonight they did not disappoint in keeping the name.  The audience were really, really getting into it, screaming the lyrics back at them.  Lupi compared this afterwards with one of the Perth shows that was packed out but people weren’t getting into it which made all the difference.

Everyone was on a bit of a high after the gig, and driving home we had a bit of fun with what’s known as the the directions game, jump in the car with us right now  to check it out…

Needless to say we tried this the following morning when we were with Class A and Rachel Berry and they weren’t too impressed, maybe you won’t be either or it was one of those things you had to be there for.  Either way at the time it was hilarious.

The guys had been given a real lot of kush to get through tonight so they set to task chilling out.   I walked back to where I was staying and DJ Maths kept me company, he had a 6am flight back to Newcastle in the morning so there was no point going to bed at this stage (it was 3am).  As we were walking down the street we heard some starnge music coming from an even stranger building.  We walked in to check it out and it was this crazy warehouse style gig, turned out the place was an old mental asylum and they were holding a one off gig, even weirder was that the soudn guy from our gig was on stage playing bass.  We stayed and had a chat to him after the gig about the coincidence and Adelaide and then we found a fooseball table and played foosball until about 4am.  What a great end to a massive day.


One Response to “Day 10. The Directions Game (Adelaide)”

  1. Russ Bingham March 9, 2011 at 6:00 am #

    If you ever head up to NQ (Townsville), which i now understand why you dont (Money), ill put all of you up at my place, cost free. Massive breakfast supplied. Horrorshow are up in may? Illy June July? Then Full Noise?? BEI? Drapht? So if you wana come up let me know.

    Might have to move to Sydney next year im thinking.

    Much Respect


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